Best Pipe Weapon in 7 Days to Die Alpha 20

What’s up, guys? Grindrage here. So, Alpha 20 has finally been released, and just like everyone else, I was excited to try it. And when I did, I decided to make a video about the game’s new arsenal and made some stat comparisons for you.

Let’s go ahead and see how much carnage the new hardware made. Featured in the game were new pipe weapons as follows:

  • Pipe pistol
  • Pipe shotgun
  • Pipe rifle
  • Pipe machine gun

We also acquired the pipe baton, which is a tier zero version of the stun baton. If you are looking to upgrade your intellect skill, you’ll find that your pipe baton will also increase in strength as well. In this video, I compared the reload speed for each gun, and the time it took to take down a zombie for each as well. I even up the ante by going at a group of zombies all at once.

Using a stopwatch on my phone, I went ahead and loaded up the guns and did a test to see which one loaded the fastest. And then I proceeded to time one after the other. Obviously, the numbers were not going to be perfect because of the possibility of human error.

How Fast Can The Pipe Guns Reload?

WeaponReload Time
Pipe pistol5.51
Pipe Shotgun5.58
Pipe Rifle3.83
Pipe Machine gun3.57

The pipe pistol reload speed clocked at 5.51 seconds, while the shotgun registered at 5.58 seconds, making the two pretty much the same.

The rifle clocked at 3.83 seconds, and the machine gun was at 3.57 seconds reload speed. This made the rifle slightly faster, with the machine gun being the fastest among the four.

On the other hand, the shotgun was the slowest to reload.

Pipe Weapons Damage Numbers

Pipe pistol33
Pipe Shotgun8(10 pellets)
Pipe Rifle48
Pipe Machine gun40

Moving on, I looked at the damage factor and saw that the pistol did 33 damage while the shotgun did 8. The rifle did 48 damage while the machine gun hit 40.

Based on these numbers, I’d say the machine gun is the best pipe gun. But of course, we had to do further testing to see if it had any other strengths supporting my claim.

Timed Kill Rate Per Radiated Zombie (minutes and seconds)

Pipe pistol30 seconds
Pipe Shotgun48 seconds
Pipe Rifle1 minute 15 seconds
Pipe Machine gun11 seconds
Pipe baton1 minute 38 seconds

Remarkably, It took only 30 seconds for the pistol to take out a radiated zombie. The shotgun, on the other hand, took 48 seconds to finish. So, it took 18 seconds longer for the shotgun to kill the zombie compared to the pistol.

After that, I worked on the rifle, where It took one full minute and 20 seconds to kill a zombie. I even had to subtract 5 seconds from it since I missed a few times. So, it was 1 minute and 15 seconds for the rifle, which definitely took way longer than the others.

Last but not least, I tried out the machine gun that I assumed would be the best, and It took only 11 seconds for the takedown. By then, the machine gun defeated that guy way faster than any of the other pipe weapons.

I then tried to see how long it took to kill the guy with the baton. It was a full minute and 38 seconds making the baton by far the worst. It even took longer than the shotgun.

Once again, I had to go ahead and say in the video that the machine gun was the best.

Timed Kill Rate Per Group of 25 Regular Zombies (with A.I toggle on.)

There was one more test that I thought I needed to do, which was using all the guns against a group of 25 zombies with the A.I. option toggled on.

I readied my timer and went ahead with the tests. These were the results as shown below:

WeaponReload Time
Pipe pistol1 minute 70 seconds
Pipe Shotgun2 minutes 53 seconds
Pipe Rifle1 minute 52 seconds
Pipe Machine gun36 seconds

With A.I. toggled on during this test, I noticed that if you had perfect aim, you could take down a zombie with one shot by using a shotgun. But, more often than not, it would have taken two shots with a shotgun to put the guy down.

Also, I had to get two hits with the pistol to kill one zombie. That being said, you get 6 shots with a pistol and 1 shot with a shotgun, but then, they both almost take the same amount of time to reload.

It also took only 1 shot to take down a zombie with the rifle, as it did with the machine gun.

Pipe Guns Ranked

I would say that my second favorite pipe gun was the pistol. You can hold 6 bullets with it, and it only takes 2 bullets to kill the beginner zombie.

My third favorite would be the pipe rifle. It does a good amount of damage, has long-range with a fast reload speed of 3.83 seconds which was very similar to the rifle.

My least favorite, by the way, is the shotgun. It’s pretty underwhelming. It held only one bullet in the chamber and took the longest amount of time to reload.

Furthermore, the shotgun does only 8 damage per pellet. It actually shoots 10 pellets at one go, but then, even if you got all 10 of them to hit the zombie all at once, it was only 80 damage. And more often than not, you weren’t going to hit the zombie with all the pellets at the same time. So, you’d probably only be doing 40 or 50 damage at any point.

Conclusion | The Best Pipe Weapon is..

Overall, In my opinion, I would say that the machine gun was by far the best, and the pipe shotgun the worst.

The machine gun had the fastest reload speed, held the most amount of bullets, all the while doing an incredible amount of damage. You can go ahead and check out the video if you haven’t seen it yet.

Let me know in the comments which one of the pipe weapons is your favorite. Drop me a like if you enjoyed the video, and see you in the next one.

Pipe Machine Gun Nerfed (7 Days to Die Alpha 20 Patch 10/16/2021)

There was a patch for 7 Days to Die Alpha 20 Experimental. This change reduced the durability of ranged pipe weapons, which includes the pipe machine gun. It also reduced the ammo capacity from 16 bullets to 14 bullets.

With this change, the pipe machine gun is still the best pipe weapon in the game.

Check out the video here to hear my thoughts about the patch: