How to Get the Best Loot in 7D2D Alpha 20 | Loot Stage Explained

In previous Alphas of 7 Days to Die, the quality and tier level of loot you got from scavenging was determined by your game stage.

Game stage increases as you level up and kill zombies, and decreases whenever you die.

Game stage will determine how tough the zombies are, and how many are spawned during horde night.

The fun pimps have made a few changes to looting in 7 Days to Die Alpha 20 but didn’t go into too much detail in the patch notes. I did some research and here’s what I found.

What is Loot Stage in 7 Days to Die Alpha 20?

Loot quality and tier level are no longer determined by your game stage, it is now determined by a new value called loot stage.

Your base loot stage is increased along with your character level. However, loot stage can be increased further depending on a few factors.

How to Increase your Loot Stage in 7 Days to Die?

As always, you can get the lucky looter perk, eat Eye Kandy, and wear lucky goggles that increase the loot stage, but there are also a few new ways to increase your loot stage in Alpha 20.

The first way is by going to different biomes. Each biome has a different loot stage modifier.

From what I’ve found:

  • Forest has no modifier
  • Desert gives you 1.5x and a minimum of +10,
  • Snow biome gives 2x and a minimum of +21
  • Wasteland/burnt forest gives 2.5x and a minimum of +31

The second way to increase your loot stage is by scavenging harder POIs. A level 5 POI will have a larger loot bonus than a level 1.

The final way to increase loot stage, and get better loot is actually by looting higher-tiered containers.

Harder POIs have better containers. There are five tiers of POIS and 5 tiers of loot containers.

How to Get the BEST Loot in 7 Days to Die?

So, to get the best loot possible in 7 days to die, on day one, you want to level up lucky looter, eat Eye Kandy, find lucky goggles if you can, go inside a level 5 POI in the wasteland, and loot a tier 5 container.

I’ll loot a few of these as a level 10, with all these loot bonuses, and show you what kind of loot you can expect to find early game, with a high loot stage.

List of Items I found on Day 1 at Level 9 With a High Loot Stage

  • 242 cash
  • Level 6 leather gloves
  • Level 2 military helmet
  • A Bunch of ammo
  • Level 4 pistol
  • 13 silver
  • Level 6 pistol

Bonus tip

After completing 10 missions for a trader, You now get a free bike. How cool is that?